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Erice. Back in the middle age.


In the days of the Festa Federicina di Erice, in the streets of the village you will breathe a typically medieval atmosphere with the parade in period costumes of the royal procession, which will be welcomed at the Porta Trapani by guards, knights, musicians and commoners. Inside the Castle Torre Pepoli will be set up the medieval village, where you can taste the medieval soup, Ippocrasso, a “spicy” wine with typically medieval cinnamon, while guests will be entertained with dancing, games and fencing demonstrations. On the streets of the village the historical parades, musicians, flag bearers, jugglers and tambourines will parade.

It is just a small taste of what the city of Erice can offer to those who visit it. Every street every alley of the Borgo will be involved in these four days by parades, fashion shows, dances, music, games and performances, duels.

On the top of Monte San Giuliano, in a splendid panoramic position on Trapani, he places the city of Erice. Erice was populated by the Elimi who erected the temple dedicated to the goddess of fertility and love, on the ruins of the Temple still stands the Castle of Venus, fortified during the Norman domination, adjacent to the Balio gardens dominated by medieval towers. The city is surrounded by Cyclopean walls whose summits are located: the Norman Castle, the Cathedral or Matrice, which preserves the original fourteenth-century Gothic forms, with the bell tower and its delicate mullioned windows and the Spanish Quarter.

  • 2/3 June, medieval village – Erice Vetta – FedEricina party. Reenactment of the arrival in Erice of Frederick III of Aragon, King of Sicily, and his wife Eleonora. Medieval Village – Musicians and Flag-bearers – Regional Gathering – Grand Royal Procession – Parade of the royals with guards, musicians and dancers, tasting of typical products of medieval Ericini, traveling shows.

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