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During the Feast of Corpus Domini, you can admire the traditional “vampariate” (traditional bonfires set up by young people) for the occasion. A tradition that has been handed down for years by finding in the boys the first admirers of a moment that binds the sacred and the profane together. As every year, Sunday for the recurrence of Corpus Domini is possible to arrive at Calatafimi Segesta to admire a characteristic religious procession.

The procession is enclosed in a monstrance sheltered by a canopy, the consecrated host, to escort the parade the class of the Maestranza (historic armed militia) equipped with rifles, halberds and spears. The singular procession parades along the streets of the historic center under a shower of colored petals. The background of the many altars placed along the path, in each of them is celebrated the blessing of the Blessed Sacrament and then the suggestive presentatarm of the Maestranza.

Another peculiarity all calatafimese is the realization of the Artistic Carpet in colored wood sawdust inside one of the main churches of the city. Majestic and depicting a religious painting that refers to the recurrence of Corpus Domini, meticulous workmanship can be considered a maximum expression of the art of “dust”. It is a real Catholic “mandala”, which dominates the central nave of the church, made with colored sawdust, white sand and coarse salt, which together create a colorful carpet, destined to fade despite the hours and hours of work necessary to run it. It is, as in the case of floral decorations, an artistic tribute to the Lord, a real sacrifice of time and patience, to make the celebration of the real Presence of Christ more beautiful.

  • 3 June, Corso Garibaldi – Calatafimi Segesta – Flower Festival. During the feast of Corpus Domini, a wonderful floral carpet will be spread along the central Corso Garibaldi.

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